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This is a Heavy kukri with 12" blade length, the shape is different, semi-polished blade is called ‘jungle’ because no machine buffing is used in the blade but the natural high hill river stone is used to sharpen and finish the blade.  Very sharp blade. The handle is made by "Rosewood".. It is full tang running through with three rivers. This kukri can be used to cut wood, meat, clearing bushes etcIt has two baby knives; (karda & chakmak) one sharpener which it used for sharping original blade & another one is used for paper cutting & letter opener etc.

Origin: Kathmandu and eastern places of Nepal

Materials:,   Blade: High grade carbon steel

Handle: Rosewood, Scabbard: Yak leather

Size:,  Overall Length: 15 inches (38 Cm approx.) 

Blade: 10" (26 Cm),  Handle: 5" (13 Cm approx)

Maximum Blade width: 5 Cm  (52 Mm approx)

Maximum Blade thickness: 1 Cm (10 mm approx)

Overall Weight: 900 gram (1.98 pound approx.)

Shipping Weight: 1200 gram (2.64 pound approx)

Khukurinepal is best kukri maker in Nepal/ manufacture, wholesaler, retailer and exporter. Please contact us for wholesale pricing. 

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10"Heancy, Hunting kukri

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